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About the Artist

Forrest Larson Publicity color photo

Forrest Larson

Composer Forrest Larson’s music transcends genre with his unique juxtaposition of traditional orchestral instruments and electronic music with found sounds. His music transports the listener, painting unique environments from the sinister and chaotic, to the playful and mischievous.

Forrest’s music has been performed around the globe, from MIT, to Carnegie-Mellon, to Rheinische Musikschule in Cologne Germany. He has also developed scores for abstract films, such as Storm’s Eye View. Scores of his work are available through his publisher, Frog Peak Music.


Forrest has composed music for a wide range of instruments including string orchestra, wind ensemble, string quartet and percussion, as well as electronic, found sound, and solo acoustic instruments.  He is available for commissions from both professional musicians and ensembles, as well as from high school orchestras and wind ensembles.

Electronic Musician

As an electronic musician, Forrest performs solo, with his ensemble Sonic Sandbox, and collaboratively with acoustic instrumentalists. His analog electronic instruments include modular synthesizers, shortwave radios, signal generators, filters, and processors. He has given electronic music performances around the globe.

Music Historian

Forrest has lectured on electronic music at many higher education institutions, and provides lectures on a range of topics, such as his Sarasa chamber Ensemble pre-concert lecture on the “Music of Luigi Boccherini.” In additon to lecturing, Forrest has book reviews published in Notes, Oral History Association Journal, and Music Reference Services Journal.

Music Teacher

Conveying complex musical ideas in a bite-size easy to grasp way is what Forrest brings to each and every student.  Currently, his teaching activities are workshops on improvisation and chamber music, though for many years he has taught violin and viola privately.


Forrest’s love of violin and then on to  viola started at The Ohio State University where he studied with Michael D. Davis. As a violist he has played in the New England Philharmonic, Boston Chamber Ensemble, and other chamber groups. He has extensive chamber music experience, covering the standard repertoire, as well as modern and lesser known music.

Recording Engineer

How your musical skill is digitally archived matters. Forrest has years of experience recording composers and orchestras including the Aardvark Jazz Orchestra and composer Charles Shadle.


black strings with glowing heads. suitable for technology, internet and computer themes. 3d illustration

Chamber Music

  1. String Quartet 7:04
  2. Trio for bass clarinet and two percussionists Unpublished score* 9:50
Power lines on a colorful sunrise

Solo Instrument with Recorded Sound

  1. The Crows Return, for flute 3:26
  2. Nocturnal Reflections, for tuba 2:49
  3. Synchronic, for tuba 8:21
  4. As Far as the Crow can Fly, for cello Unpublished score* 1:31
  5. Mystic Rails, for violin 5:28
  6. Eternal Thunder, for organ 10:24
Cello strings close-up

Unaccompanied Instrument

  1. Solitary Motion no.1, for solo cello 1:33
  2. Solitary Motion no.2, for solo violin Unpublished score* 1:33
  3. Solitary Motion no. 3, for solo viola (no audio sample) 0:01

Electronic Music and Musique Concréte

  1. Urban Sanctuary 1:19
  2. Staccato Droplets 2:40
  3. Horsefly Fantasy 4:51
  4. Meditation in Metal 3:40
  5. Contemplations 10:03
  6. Motives for Listening 25:20
Abstract composition of an old cello parts, blended structure and wood texture details.

String Orchestra

  1. Octatonic Strings Unpublished score and parts* 2:16
  2. Prelude, for violin ensemble Unpublished score and parts* 3:47
  3. Creatures of the Night (with recorded sound) Unpublished score and parts* 2:00
wind music, abstract photography of the deserts of Africa from the air. aerial view of desert landscapes, Genre: Abstract Naturalism, from the abstract to the figurative, contemporary photo art


  1. Solo for Two (version #2) 27:56
  2. Duo for cello and metal percussion (no audio sample) 0:00
  3. Basement Music no. 1, solo analog electronics 7:16
  4. Sliding Tones, bass clarinet, digeridoo, analog electronics 12:44
Details, keys of a golden flute black background

Wind Ensemble

  1. Seabird Fantasy (for winds, percussion and recorded sound) Unpublished score and parts* 1:12

*Contact Forrest if you are interested in unpublished scores and parts



Storm's Eye View


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Forrest is available for Performances, Lectures, Music Lessons, Commissions, and Recording Services